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Fly Spray Pyranha Insecticide



The Pyranha Insecticide has a triple action feature, making it a great insect repellent for horses. It effectively kills, repels and conditions the animals against biting insects. It gives an easy and quick application, can be used directly on animals and inside their stable. The insecticide quickly eliminates and hold off insects like stable flies, gnats, house flies, face flies, horse flies, mosquitoes, horn flies, deer flies and others. Once applied to hair, the spray will give an eye catching shine with citronella scent. The product can also be sprayed to animal quarters making it more effective and convenient. The Pyranha Insecticide can be sprayed for 3 seconds on each side. Carefully spray on legs, neck, belly, back and sides. A sponge or clean cloth must be use when applying near the eyes, or cover the eyes while applying repellent as spray.

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Type: Saddle & Tack

Vendor: Pyranha

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