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Cinch 100% Mohair 27 Strand Straight Cinch 35-2435


100% Mohair 27 Strand Straight Cinch with Jeremiah Watt Hardware

Style 35-2435

This customer favorite is now available with floral hardware designed by custom saddlemaker Jeremiah Watt.

  • Handcrafted by craftspeople in Holmes County, Ohio, this premium quality cinch is made from 100% mohair from Angora goats.
  • This mohair offers a soft, luxurious feel, a rich luster and outstanding durability.
  • Known as "the diamond fiber", mohair can be twisted and bent without causing damage adding to the dependability and durability of this cinch.
  • Mohair wicks away moisture for added comfort to your horse and for maximum breathability.
  • While mohair cinches are known for stretching for a perfect fit, they always return to their original size due to the fiber's elasticity.
  • This cinch also offers easy care!
  • Dust and dirt can generally be removed by shaking and brushing the cinch.
  • Sunset harness leather off billet holder.
  • Floral roller stainless steel buckles and dees.

Type: Saddle & Tack

Vendor: Weaver

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